For such a little town Glastonbury has a huge amount of attractions - ley lines, lectures, arts, festivals, therapies, music, health centres, unique book shops and craft shops - that is before starting on the historical attractions. It is not for everyone as the town is swarming with unusual people. Said to be the 'heart chakra' of the world it is probably the most mystical town in Europe. It has dozens of legends - the more you hear the more there is to hear. This town has been divided into three sections to reflect three basic aspects of Glastonbury - the mystical abbey - the Tor and Chalice Well - The Town itself-. Please go on and explore this fascinating town!

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The site is said to have been holy ground since pre-historic times. Amongst those said to be buried in the grounds are; Joseph of Arimethea, King Arthur snd Saint Patrick. GO ABBEY

In the last 30 years the town has developed as a New Age and Healing centre. It has a continually packed programme of arts and lectures. GO TOWN

At the base of the spectacular Tor is the White Spring, and accross the road the Chalice Gardens where the Red Spring or Chalice Spring flows. The Chalice Well is,said to contain the Chalice Cup of the last supper. GO CHALICE

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Nearby attractions are at Cheddar (preview below) Wells with its ancient cathedral and Street with its discount shopping

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