Glastonbury Abbey

It would be an injustice to give anything but an introduction to what is probably the most fascinating chucrh in the world. For more in depth resources and opening information see below.

It is said that Glastonbury was the birthplace of Christendom in Britain. This is because of the legend of Joseph of Arimethea coming to Glastonbury with the Chalice Cup and establishing the first church.

The Lady Chapel (picture left) is a little chapel at one end of this huge abbey. It is on this spot the first Christian structure was erecrted on these ancient and holy grounds.

Of the long list of magical names associated with the abbey are King Arthur (grave centre) and St. Patrick (right)

The museum in the abbey grounds, with its large collection of artifacts, gives a good background to the history and legends of the abbey. For more in depth knowledge, contact Libary of Avalon, The Courtyard, Glastonbury, Somerset, Tel 01458 832759

Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EL Tel. 01458 834906
Glastonbury is on the A361 in Somerset.
Opening Times
daily 9.30am-6pm or dusk (whichever earliest)
Admission Prices

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