The well is fed by a spring which rises on the slope of Chalice Hill and gives an outflow of 25,000 gallons per day.It has never been known to run dry. The water is very pure and has many well documented curative powers (Elixir Vitae) which has been revered for centuries. It is impregnated with iron and appears red. It is sometimes known as the red spring.

It is so named because of the legend of Joseph of Arimethea said to have brought with him the Chalice Cup from the last supper and buried it in the vicinity. Also that his staff took root and sprouted into a Thorn tree - the Holy Thorn, the only Thorn Tree that flowers on Christmas! The spring (on the slopes of the Tor) winds it way down this beautiful tranquil garden out to Well House Lane

Only the other side of Well House Lane, just yards away, is the White Spring. This also has curative powers and has a high calcium content. The two should be taken together to create a whole. The two springs are moving together and when they join (it is said) then the world will be one.


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