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My name is Philip Davidson and I'd like to welcome you to Plus 44 (this is the U.K. international dialling code) Window Into Britain. It has been a lot of work and many thanks to Jenny and Rupert for their assistance.The site is basically a tour guide of Britain with a TOWN INDEX and a county by county attraction guide. It is also developing a nominated accommodation guide - which are real prime establishments, not expensive, reccommended by Plus44 viewers. The guide began as a back-up to a scheme of attraction vouchers I was producing


This was a picture postcard book of different heritage sites in Britain and it offered discounts.Somehow the voucher books and the web site were very separate and it became confused. Appropriately it was a librarian from the Bodleain, the Great Library of Oxford, who put me straight by saying, "Young man, you are writing a guide". A few days later I took off around England to take pictures for my guide.

The majority of pictures in this guide where taken in a manic four day journey around England at the end of the blisteringly hot summer of 97. I was driving an old banger, donated by my brother, with windows open to keep cool. It was an unusual week in that people taking photographs were not too popular. That is the disgraceful looking vehicle outside the house of Shakespearežs wife in Stratford. It was Monday September 1 - the day after Diana's death.

Kensington Palace, where Diana had lived, was one of the first sites to say O.K. To the voucher scheme. On returning to London the park outside her home had become filled with floral tributes. Although ill through four days of eating junk food I visited the site for three consecutive mornings and watched the tributes grow. It was a truly awesome, moving sight and somehow the seeds of change in England were sown those few days in Kensington Gardens.

The site is not about Diana but will contain certain events unique to Britain like the millennium party in Greenwich and other more quirky events like the Glastonbury Festival and Notting Hill Carnival. I will keep you informed of the events diary that will be taking place.

This is not a government site, nor or a corporate or vested interest site. Most people can't beleive it was done by an individual so please support it by visiting it regularly. It will largely be shaped by your wants and your requests. The site has become so popular now that it needs sponsorship to move forward.

With sponsorship it will move onto a high speed server and be much faster and expand in response to a lot of your requests and many more pictures and innovative ideas that are waiting to be done.

A sponsor can get a very good deal so anyone who knows of some to sponsor this site please email and look at


I have been accused of not making the site buzzy enough. It is true. I don't have any unnecessary gizmos. Seriously - the idea is to create a real impression rather than a techo buzz. With the counties the idea is to scroll through a county list to get the feel of the heritage and flavour of a county. But hell - its going to be techno buzzy too!

The site has a lot more coming up. A lot more innovations, a lot more towns, a lot more of everything. So, please - keep coming back and keep in contact! GO CONTACT

More about me and pic! - finally