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As so many compliments have been received about the photos on this site I have decided to offer a service where pictures can be commissioned. Although there are dozens of towns and cities under construction the focus will change more to special events.


If you wish to have a special event or exhibition covered or need pictures of towns or cities in Britain please send an email or use the form at the bottom of this page.


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... along with Rupert who has done much of the special coding on this site, we can now offer a web design service. We can offer it at two levels. The very simple - a one or two page site where you supply us with materials and we efficiently put it up for you- or the very special.

The very special is for medium sized companies or individuals who want that extra special touch along with finesse and innovation.

Although this site is very simple (designed for a wide generic audience using a variety of browsers) we can design that very special site which can reflect you, uniquely.

We have acquired a wealth of knowledge concerning search engines and servers ... try us!

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