The Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht was launched at 2.30pm on the 16th April 1953, from the Clyde Bank shipyards of John Brown & Co Ltd. For over 40 years the yacht sailed more than 1 million miles. Dozens of Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings & Queens, have dined aboard. Men were knighted and Privy Councils were held.

The Royal Yacht on her last stop

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State occasions were held on a grand scale, with a usual company of 56 dining the state dining room, each place setting being measured with a ruler, and having exactly 5 Briery crystal glasses placed in the correct order.

When aboard the Queen rises at 7.30am with a special blend of tea from Twinings in the Strand. For the rest of the morning she attends to her boxes, and endless stream of state papers requiring her signature. At 5.00, without fail, everything stops for afternoon tea. It never varies it's always wafer thin cucumber and salmon sandwiches with tea and pastries. 

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