The Clink and Winchester Palace
Turning the corner back to the river one comes to St. Overies dock where a replica of Sir Francis Drakes ship the Golden Hinde is moored.....
From 1107-1626 the area was run by successive Bishops of Winchester who were very powerful and the remains of the once great Winchester Palace can be seen as we enter clink street....

London Bridge

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Further down the street, on the Bishops estate is the Clink. This early prison that gave rise to the term "in the clink" was particularly nasty. Many of the underground cells were subject to flooding from the nearby Thames. The Bishop had his own court and the clink was his prison. Three underground rooms with an exhibition are open to the public (charged).....

Winchester Palace

 Winchester Wharf on the right is full of art studios including Backspace, an internet arts centre where some of this site was constructed. Historically, the area was one of great entertainment, move on to Shakespeare's Globe...

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