County Hall
On walking away from the South Bank Arts Centre we come to the 338 ft. Shell Building, one of the most evocative and prestigious buildings of the 1950s.....
Next, covering over 700 ft. of river front, now with the Houses of Parliament back in sight, is the magnificent County Hall. Designed by Ralph Knott in 1908 it was the home of London County Council and then the Greater London Council until its closure by the Magaret Thatcher government in 1988. (proposed site for the new Mayor of London house is at the
Pool of London) It is a vast building with elaborate inner courtyard. In the basement is the London Aquarium and various other developments are in the building.

Waterloo / Westminster

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Shell Building

County Hall

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St. Thomas' Hospital

Just opposite County Hall is St. Thomas' Hospital famous for Flourence Nightingale.

With parliament in sight we cross Westminster Bridge to restart the historical tour

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