Shakespeares Globe
For citizens of Olde London and for travellers the place for entertainment was here at Bankside which was easily accessible from London Bridge. It was a bawdy area with inns, a red light district (regulated and taxed by the Bishop of Winchester), gambling, bear baiting and of course the theatre...

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There were many theatres on Bankside, but probably the most famous was the Globe. This was owned by a company of actors called the Lord Chamberlains of which William Shakespeare was a member. He wrote the plays....

In 1998 the new Shakespeare Globe Theatre opened, the culmination of a 25 year struggle by founder Sam Wanamaker. It is a painstaking reconstruction (as close as possible) to the original 16c Globe Theatre with the intention of providing a dynamic open air Shakespeare in the round, authentically performed. More info. The theatre occupies the same magnificent position overlooking St. Pauls and soon one will be able to walk across via the new millennium bridge. Our tour now hit the world of art with a vengeance with...

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