Changing of The Guards
Every day of the year the Guard is changed at Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards, Whitehall by Regiments of the Household Division. The regiments are;



The Life Guards
The Blues and Royals

Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards
Scots Guards
Irish Guards
Welsh Guards

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St. James/ Victoria
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The provision of a personal guard for the sovereign dates back to 1660 and the ceremony remains largely unchanged.

Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace takes place at 11.30 am, but is best to arrive by 11 am as several other ceremonies happen outside the palace. Mounting of the Life Guard takes place at 11 am and 4 pm at Horse Guards. See separate page for this

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Those particularly interested in the Guards and their traditions can visit the Guards Museum in Birdcage Walk, about 100 yards from Buckingham Palace.

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