St. Paul's Cathedral
The present cathedral is the 4th to be built on the site although there once stood a Roman Temple dedicated to Diana. The 3rd cathedral was occupied by Cromwell's army during the civil war, and subsequently became in need of extensive restoration. Christopher Wren (then 33) tendered for the job, and suggested demolition. This was flatly rejected, but after the Great Fire of London (1666) this was the only option...

Building of the new cathedral began in 1675, architect Sir Christopher Wren. This was the third of his designs (a model of his second design, his favorite, can be seen in the crypt). Fortunately there was a clause "giving liberty to make some variations from time to time". Thus some variations were made, giving the cathedral the originally designed dome rather than a steeple and London gained one of the most spectacular and graceful buildings in the world.

St. Paul's

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