The Strand
Continuing eastwards towards the city, The Strand (originally a bridle path along the river), links the City of Westminster to the City of London. Although the area has some interesting shops and has a club centre near Charing Cross it is still primarily a link road. It has a strange combination of rich and poor and perhaps the area is haunted by the spirit of the Count of Savoy. In the 13c the great Savoy Palace stood here. It was destroyed several hundred years later in a peasant revolt and rebuilt as a hospital for the poor. In 1884 the Savoy Hotel (the most opulent hotel in the world) was built just yards from the soup kitchens of the Embankment. ~Today the area is a commercial hub, but by night its doorways house homeless London.

Charing Cross
District and Circle lines

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Savoy and the Strand

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Somerset House.
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