Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge was until recently the last bridge over the Thames before it reached the sea. The bridge is only actually 100 years old, and because of its proximity to the Tower of London, it took an act of parliament to approve the design. The Area between Tower Bridge and London Bridge is called The Pool of London. It used to be packed with docks supplying food to London. Then the bridge opened 1000s of times per year. Now it opens less than 100....The whole area is under major re-development - see following pages

Tower Hill

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You can actually go inside the bridge. There are lifts up to the top and various exhibitions about the bridge. You can walk along the cross way at the top. See Attraction Guide for details.

Coming up.... the Riverside Walk.... The whole south bank of the river has been cleared and developed and is developing into a series of fascinating attractions

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Royal Yacht



London marathon on Tower Bridge

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