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Piccadilly Circus
Originally formed in 1819 as one intersection from John Nashs masterpiece REGENT STREET, the four corners were set back and lined with concave curving stucco buildings that formed a circle. This was largely knocked down and destroyed by the Metropolitan Board of Works to make way for Shaftesbury Avenue.

In spite of all that, this to many is the epicentre of London where London nightlife (day life and tourist life) fan out in all directions and has the bewitching statue of Eros in the middle. Fanning to the north the elegant Regent Street and the theatre land of Shaftesbury Avenue. To the east the Trocadero and club/cinema land of Leicester Square. To the south Haymarket and to the west the genteel Piccadilly.
Although the direction this tour heads west it is in a hop on hop off loop so choose your direction at the bottom

Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines


This icon of London is actually a memorial to the philanthropic (not philandering) Earl of Shaftesbury and was meant to represent the Angel of Christian charity, not Eros God of Love. All a bit of a muddle.

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