This was one of the largest and most favoured of all royal palaces. Standing at the edge of the Kings Highway, the River Thames, this great gothic palace saw many changes and tragedies. After Edward 111 died in it (it was then called Sheen Palace), Henry V rebuilt it and after a fire in 1499 it was rebuilt again by Henry V11. After another fire plans to rebuild it never materialised and it disintegrated.....

The site is is situated between Richmond Green and the river (approximately at the position of the first picture) and although only remnants remain one gets a sense of the great palace once stood there. The historic town of Richmond is full of good restaurants and rises steeply up hill to the beautiful Richmond Park where wild deer roam freely.

Richmond (district line)


Nearby Kew Gardens was once part of this large royal estate and is host to the smaller Kew Palace (presently closed for renovation), but the gardens are open. SEE KEW GARDENS

Photos by P.Davidson, copyright