Window Into Britain has become one of the best-liked sites on the internet. Informative, exciting, picturesque, good quality are some reasons cited from 1000's of complimentary emails.

We would like to provide viewers with much more. Expand and substantially upgrade with further and better quality bandwidth. We are now looking for a body to sponsor a directory to support this.

By supporting a directory you could gain a substantial advertising campaign sustained over a long period for very little cost, and be associated with the heritage, commercial and cultural life of Britain. SEE EXAMPLE

We offer a good quality dignified campaign, not a crude series of banners, and lots of it. We can advertise you on a huge range of pages in the directory with each representation accompanied by your logo and a slogan. (See example)

In this way you could have a wide ranging campaign, subtlety, unobtrusively, yet persistently acquainting the public with many aspects of your business and each could have a link to a page of your choosing. (See example)



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