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Liverpool is a maverick city, completely unlike any of its neighbors. It has the sea air of a large estuary and its own irrepressible spirit. It is a relatively new city, rising meteorically in the 19th C and facing towards the dizzy horizons of the New World. It is not really an English city but made up of Scots, Welsh, Irish and economic migrants from around the world. The waterfront is like a combination of New York and Shanghai. At its height it generated incredible wealth, often by chequered means. One is completely surprised and in awe of the amount of palatial like buildings. For several decades the city was severely devastated by the sharp decline of its docks and many of its grand buildings lay empty as if part of some strange Salvador Dali painting. However regeneration is apace and many opportunities are available in this grand city. In some ways Liverpool is a tough place but it also very friendly and its bars really rock, some entirely to 60's music which it did so much to create.

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