The Waistcoat Shop

Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EX
Telephone 01458 832123

Over 500 Celtic tartans and many other fine fabrics!

(Please read fitting guidance | styles available)


Our waistcoats are all made individually with special attention to detail, comfort, fit and originality. We make waistcoats in many styles, fabrics and very importantly, any size, our speciality.

Our waistcoats feature the same fabric on the front as on the back. This is because we believe that it gives the garment a finished look. Silk or satin-backed waistcoats were originally designed to fill in the gap under a jacket. However, these days with central heating when jackets are more inclined to be dispensed with, and there is less formality, we believe the waistcoat features as an article of clothing in its own right. Therefore, the preferred fabric deserves to be noticed from every angle!

The waistcoats are lined with a colour-fast cotton mix fabric for comfort and style. Satin-backed waistcoats can become creased and uncomfortable in hot conditions.


We make waistcoats out of our own fabrics or you can supply your own should you have specific preferences. We would require to see a sample of the fabric first, however.

We have a choice of colours for the linings.

You may choose the colour of buttons and buckle to suit your requirements.

We are able to provide a wide selection of theme or novelty fabrics as well as brocades, corduroy, etc.

We have over 500 Scottish, Irish, Cornish and Canadian tartans available.

Each waistcoat is begun almost as the order is received, so usually the waiting time is very short indeed. However, the more notice given, the more appreciated!

We can also provide cravats or bow ties, and tartan or plain 100% wool ties to match the tartan waistcoats.


The waistcoats are available in five main styles

We may be able to assist with other styles should you have special requirements.


It is not necessary for the recipient of a waistcoat to be present for a fitting. We use the following guide to get as accurate a fit as possible. If however, there still needs to be final alterations, these will be done immediately the waiscoat is returned to us.


We will need the measurement from armhole to armhole, doubled. Should the girth be larger than the chest we will also require that measurement.


We will need the length of the required waistcoat, taking into account that the buckle will pull the back up about half an inch.


Your very own original design beautifully embroided all over your waistcoat, or as a single motif. Hobbies, business, clubs, sports, anything!... From Aardvarks to Zithers, or a mixture! Celtic motifs always in stock.


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